23 Jun 2024
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Braking News…

Brembo has released an infographic outlining the challenges of braking at Shanghai as part of Formula Brembo, the new online game that challenges mechanics’ and technicians’ knowledge of F1.

The Formula Brembo competition allows players to predict the outcome of races this season. To enter, purchase any Brembo product using a Euro Car Parts trade account and then guess the fastest driver, winning podium and starting grid.

The infographic provides a unique insight into what is one of the world’s newer race tracks. The most challenging braking section is curve 14 as it delivers 4.7 G in deceleration. Cars must reach the curve at above 330 km\h, then brake down to 66 km\h in 129 meters. At this point drivers are applying a load of 125 kg on the brake pedal, an outstanding amount of force.

Turn 6 is also exciting as speeds go from 295 km\h to 81 km\h in only 114 meters, while the deceleration reaches 4.6 G. This is the same amount of braking space found at curve 11, but the deceleration there is slightly lower at 4.5 G with a braking load of 125kg.