28 Feb 2024

Charged up

AROUND 75% of drivers don’t know what type of battery is fitted to their car, according to research by charging specialist CTEK.

/>Peter White, the company’s sales and marketing director, said many batteries suffered from poor performance as a result of this lack of knowledge. He said the use of smart chargers would combat the prob

/>“With continual developments in technology, batteries have been forced to keep pace with growing power dema

/>“This means lots of types of lead-acid battery and lots of consumer confusion when it comes to charging and maintaining them,” said Pe

/>“As a result, many consumers are shortening the life of batteries through incorrect maintenance procedures.&#8

/>Standard chargers do not vary their charge according to the power demands of a particular battery. This can lead to over or under-charging and decrease lifes

/>Peter added: “Incorrect charging procedures can shorten the life of the battery meaning a costly replacem

/>“By simply using a smart charger the problem can be avoided and motorists can maintain their vehicle’s battery no matter what type it is. A smart charger will recoup its cost easily by increasing vehicle battery life.&#8

/>For more information on battery technology, see the July/August issue of Aftermar