15 Jun 2024
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Charity cash

UNIPART’s garage equipment division has shown its generosity by raising £9,300 for BEN, the charity that cares for anyone in the automotive industry that has fallen on hard times.

/>Unipart Automotive Garage Equipment Services raised the money through its annual Unipart BEN Karting Championship and presented a cheque to BEN at the Automotive Distribution Federation’s annual dinner yesterday (Thursday 3rd Decemb

/>“The level of competition was very high as we were racing with the top four teams from the 2008 championship who were all very experienced,” said Malcolm England, the general manager of Unipart Automotive Garage Equipment Serv

/>“We had to deploy Unipart’s ringer driver Matt England in order to put up a true championship contending performance,” joked Malc

/>“Unipart Automotive has been supporting the karting championship since 2004 and we’re delighted to win the overall 2009 champions

/>“The competitive spirit is very high and we really enjoy the racing alongside raising funds for BEN, the motor industry charity.&#8

/>Interested in karting for char

/>The championship is an open event in which the best drivers from any organisation or group of people can enter.  Entries are not limited to organisations with links to the motor trade. “Not only is this a great team building experience, it’s also a fun way to raise money for BEN – the motor industry charity,” said Malc

/>Teams are comprised of five drivers aged 16 or above. Please note that participants aged 14 to 16 must be in possession of a valid MSA National “B” Novice Kart License (minimum) and will be required to present this license on the day of the r

/>To register your interests in the 2010 Unipart Automotive BEN Karting championship, please contact Laura Redman on 01344 294714 or e-mail laura.redman@ben.org.uk. &#