28 Feb 2024

Clocking brothers sentenced

FOUR brothers have been sentenced for ‘clocking’ used cars and supplying them with false service history.

Paul Price, along with brothers Ian, Gary and Melvyn were found guilty of the scam. Paul Price was jailed for 18 months while the others received conditional discharges.

The gang clocked around 40 cars in Goole, North Yorks, over an 18 month period. Known examples include one vehicle that had the odeometer wound back by 200,000 miles. In another case, a family who had a boy with cerebral palsy had to spend thousands of pounds on repairs to a vehicle that was supplied by the brothers with a false service history and a mileage 80k less than it should have been.

The investigation was conducted by the OFT who have written to all the registered keepers they believe were affected by the scam.