28 Feb 2024

Comma highlights coolant confusion

A survey by lubricants manufacturer Comma has revealed that over 83% of motorists are unaware of the function of coolant in their cars, with 65% admitting they wouldn’t know which product to choose.

The results come as changes in engine technology and demanding environmental legislation drive the need for the correct coolants to be used in vehicles. Vehicle manufacturers are developing increasingly tailored coolants and lubricants for specific, individual engine needs. The escalating demands on these modern engines have made operating conditions more severe, meaning more is required from the cooling system, while the use of an increasingly diverse set of materials for engine construction further highlights the fact that so called ‘universal’ coolants cannot properly address the requirements of multiple manufacturers – one size does not fit all when choosing coolant.

Comma suggests it is vital for workshop technicians to advise and inform their customers as to which coolant type has been used and why making sure that they are aware of the type of coolant in their car and how it must be maintained.

Comma spokesman, Mike Bewsey, adds: “Effective coolants are vital to optimise vehicle performance and extend engine service life. But it is crucial to use a coolant tailored to the specific demands of the materials used by the engine manufacturer.”