17 Jul 2024
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Diagnostic support

As Delphi gains more OE common rail contracts, the company is turning its expertise to its aftermarket products as the vehicles come out of warranty. Recently, its Multec diesel common rail system was chosen for the DW10C engine, a shared platform for Citroen, Fiat, Ford and Peugeot diesel vehicles. A number of replacement items are available including a high pressure pump, injectors and an electronic control unit.

Delphi’s Diesel Centre network will benefit from a new service programme which delivers OE repair parts, manuals, technical data, test equipment and tooling. The programme covers Delphi DFP3 pumps fitted as OE to the DW10C engine, the Mercedes-Benz OM651, Hyundai 3.1 litre and the Renault K9K 3.4 litre engine used in Renault, Dacia and Samsung applications.