17 May 2024
The voice of the independent garage sector

DriveTec range extended as sales continue to grow

The Parts Alliance says it is continuing to see impressive sales growth across its DriveTec range.

The trading group has invested heavily over the last 18 months in developing the product range. Latest developments include a move to coated brake discs – traditionally associated with more expensive brands – alongside a harmonisation of many of the group’s other ranges to within DriveTec.

Over the last month alone antifreeze, traffic film remover and brake fluid have joined engine oil in a fast-growing consumables rang too.

“We’ve worked hard on re-positioning DriveTec,” said Simon Moore, Head of Marketing at The Parts Alliance. “We’ve rationalised and updated the range and improved products throughout. It’s important customers understand where DriveTec fits and where it can help.”

The Parts Alliance say DriveTec plays a key commercial role as a trustworthy mid or second tier offering. It’s not only sold to independent garages but is increasingly valued by The Parts Alliance’s growing national accounts portfolio.

“It’s about ensuring no-one loses business where there are economic pressures,” said Simon. “Where we can, we’ll always offer the premium brands and original equipment parts we’re strongly associated with but there are valid cases where DriveTec enables us to supply trustworthy products at a keen price without sacrificing quality.”