23 Jun 2024
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DVSA warns on MOT Annual Training with half of testers yet to complete

More than half of the UK’s MOT Testers have still not done their MOT Annual Training, with just a month to go until the deadline on 31 March, DVSA figures show. At present, 25,862 Testers have yet to complete their Annual Training. Last year, 1,824 were suspended for failing to complete the requirement, down 4,121 suspensions in 2021.

Chris Price Head of MOT policy said “Annual training and assessment is key to maintaining the high quality of the MOT test. Last year more testers than ever completed their training and assessment on time. But for peace of mind and to avoid a last-minute rush, testers should record their training and assessment results well before 31 March.”

Chris added: “We’re really pleased with the continued improvement year on year and I’d like to thank those testers for making the effort to ensure they stay at the top of their game.”
MOT testers need to do at least three hours of training each year and a total of 16 hours in five years. The current pass mark for the assessment is 80%.

To view current training topics, visit: www.gov.uk/mot-tester-training-assessments/training