28 Feb 2024

Exemption made drivers more aware of MOT, survey suggests

Despite 9.58 million MOTs being time-shifted from Spring to Autumn last year, an unexpected positive result of the Exemption has been that 89% of drivers surveyed in a YouGov poll commissioned by The Motor Ombudsman said that they actually knew the expiry date of their vehicle’s annual certificate.

The survey of 1,303 UK drivers who own a car that is three or more years of age, showed that 92% of men knew, compared with 87% of their female counterparts being aware. Meanwhile when participants were asked about whether they were aware that the current rules regarding MOTs allow cars to be tested up to a month, minus a day, earlier than the deadline,92% of those aged 35 and over and 95% of drivers living in the Yorkshire and Humber region and the South East knew this was the case.

81% said they would feel comfortable taking their car to a garage for its MOT in person, thanks to COVID-19 safety measures. 12% of drivers said that they would still feel nervous about take their vehicle in however. Similarly, 4% of respondents would opt to use a garage’s collection and delivery service, with this being a slightly more popular alternative for the 7% who said they are retired and the 6% aged over 55 years.

Commenting on the findings of the study, Chief Ombudsman and Managing Director of The Motor Ombudsman Bill Fennell said: “With the six-month extension changing the natural rhythm of when people would have traditionally got their MOT done, it is encouraging to see that such an important annual assessment remains at the forefront of people’s minds and a key date in the diary for so many. Nevertheless, when our lives do return to some degree of normality in the coming months as lockdown restrictions are lifted, it’s still advisable for motorists to sign up for free MOT reminders and have the car’s documentation readily available to jog their memory if needed, so that they can make a booking ahead of time. The annual test is such a critical part of vehicle maintenance and staying safe and legal when at the wheel, so it really is a date that can’t be left to chance.”

For more information, visit www.TheMotorOmbudsman.org