15 Jun 2024
The voice of the independent garage sector

Garage Buying Group launches with new website

A new e-commerce trade website for garages has launched. The initial focus for Garage Buying Group will be on selling Harp International’s range of refrigerants during summer, with what would usually be members-only lower prices until the end of June for all customers.

Garage Buying Group Launched on Tuesday 20 April, and Managing Director James Onions said the response has been great: “We’ve had a universally positive reception from our few selective conversations with suppliers. Starting out, we’ve got two distinct challenges: the first is to quickly grow an attractive product portfolio whilst the second is to communicate the potential of the buying group concept.”

The intention is to run a lean business, James explained, focusing on using technology to connect garage buyers and supplier sellers without excessive operating costs: “In some ways our concept of engaging and involving garages runs directly opposite to the current aftermarket conventions. The opportunity exists because lots of suppliers who’ve invested extensively to build agile supply chains and sophisticated logistics capabilities are now finding a diminished number of routes to market, with margin pressures, so we’re looking to flex these capabilities in a slightly different way.”

Longer term, Garage Buying Group will operate split level pricing with only members accessing very low ‘Member Price’ levels. However, to simplify things initially, all garages can buy everything at member price until at least the end of June. New suppliers are expected to be added every one to two weeks over the coming months.

James added: “We’re realistic enough to know we’re at the start of a long road so we want to make it attractive for garages to do some business with us as we begin the process of communicating our concept’s benefits and growing our range to make the proposition more compelling.”

Garages can opt in by email from the homepage of the website or register at https://garagebuyinggroup.co.uk/register-to-buy-or-become-a-member/

Suppliers can register interest at https://garagebuyinggroup.co.uk/become-a-supplier/