15 Jun 2024
The voice of the independent garage sector

GEA to introduce new ‘code of conduct’

THE Garage Equipment Association is to introduce a more thorough code of conduct following complaints about ‘fraudulent’ practices from some of its members, according to Group President Andrew Bates.

Speaking at the association’s annual dinner on Wednesday (April 10th) Mr Bates explained how the GEA plans to rewrite its constitution to include a proper code of conduct as well as revisions to health and safety practices and the articles of association. “It’s not enough to be a member just by selling garage equipment in the UK,” he explained. “At the moment, there is nothing [in the code] about fraudulent behaviour – such as sending certificates out when you haven’t even visited a site.”

Mr Bates also made it clear that prospective members also need to be clear about their own responsibilities prior to joining. “We’ve also been finding out about firms that have been applying who have been unsure about what kind of insurance they need as a company,” he said. “What sort of companies don’t even know about their own corporate responsibilities?”

Following these revisions, the GEA are set to publish a list of all code-abiding members, which will be first seen in the May Issue of Aftermarket.