17 Jul 2024
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Testing the batteries of vehicles that come in for other repairs and maintenance should be routinely done during the colder months, says Ring Automotive, and its latest range of testers will check the cranking ability and indicate where a replacement, or just a recharge, is needed.

Two battery analysers and two battery load testers have joined Ring’s range of products this month. Two 12V analysers test battery capacity without applying a load for faster results. Each has the option to select battery capacity and rating system up to 1,700CCA. The RBA600 tests the battery, alternator, starter and earth for a complete health check, a customer report can be printed which includes the garage and vehicle details.

The compact RBA50 can be set up for all commonly used battery standards and LEDS light green for OK, amber for re-charge and red for replace.

The RBA15 12V digital load tester can be used on batteries up to 1,000CCA while the RAB10 is a 6V/12V analogue load tester. Both are fully automatic and have a safety timer to prevent overheating.