17 Jul 2024
The voice of the independent garage sector

Get ‘Back on track’ with Schaeffler essentials pack

Garages reopening and ramping up for greater customer demand as lockdown eases are being provided with useful items via a Schaeffler ‘Back on Track’ essentials pack.

The pack includes a floor sticker and tape to mark out the reception and workshop area into two metre blocks. There is also some personal PPE, a washable mask, hand sanitiser and hi-vis vest, along with A2 posters and mirror hanging air fresheners to remind both staff and customers about guidelines.

Schaeffler’s REPXPERT UK team observed: “The pack and posters are visible tools to make vehicle owners feel safe. The hard work will be in getting them to book their cars in. A key message here is that the six-month MOT delay does not mean that the car is roadworthy. Garage owners and technicians have a duty of care to make sure that all vehicles leaving the workshop are in a legal, safe and roadworthy condition. Drivers could get fined with non-functioning lights and wipers, or if tyres don’t meet legal requirements. If a vehicle isn’t roadworthy, the driver also may find that their insurance is invalid if they have an accident.

“Workshops could promote free visual safety checks with any repair, using every available channel to reach current and potential customers. Emails, text and social media are sure-fire ways to maximise reach while lots of people are still at home. Alternatively, placing an old-fashioned ad in the local paper saying that your workshop is safe and open for work again can only help.

“Off the back of the free visual check, garages can also offer ‘enhanced’ safety checks for a small charge – including fluid top-ups, a battery condition check, plus a visual check of all drive belts and the steering and suspension system.

“It is vital that all garage staff are invested in following the current guidelines; Minimise contact with customers and suppliers. Use new disposable gloves, seat covers and mats for every job. Wipe down all contact points as you go. Try and keep access to each car to just one technician. Turn off all climate control systems. Respect high risk customers by setting up a no-contact drop-off and collection system. All these actions will help customers see the care and attention workshops are taking in providing the best safe and professional service possible.”

The Schaeffler REPXPERT team will b, distributing the ‘BACK ON TRACK’ workshop essentials and poster packs to selected garages from June.

REPXPERT members will receive an email with a pack request link, or they can visit the news page at www.repxpert.co.uk and follow the link from there.