13 Jul 2024
The voice of the independent garage sector

IAAF appoints CV council leader

Sue McKay, Global Category Manager for commercial vehicles at TMD Friction, has been named as the head of the IAAF’s commercial vehicle (CV) section.

Commenting on Sue’s appointment, IAAF Chief Executive Mark Field said: “Having someone so enthusiastic and knowledgeable in the role will galvanise the Federation to help us carve out a recognisable identity for CV, with new, dedicated and regular communications to the wider aftermarket on CV activity, and gathering of further market intelligence so we can advocate for the sector’s needs.”

Sue added: “I’m delighted to join the IAAF council as head of the commercial vehicle section. I’ve been part of the IAAF CV committee for some time examining how the forum is led and developed. Together with Mark Field, we have tabled several topics affecting the commercial vehicle parts aftermarket, and will work with suppliers, distributors, and end users to addresses these challenges head on.”