13 Jul 2024
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Klarius presses play on SCR video

A tech video on Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems has been added by Klarius to its online library.

Klarius is looking to support garages as they navigate a changing world. Beyond the Klarius range of parts suitable for a broad range of vehicles, the company is offering technical support and advice, along with its video series.

A spokesman for Klarius said: “Understanding the nuances of exhaust system repair or replacement, especially concerning SCRs, requires expertise. Klarius understands the importance of a swift and knowledgeable response in the fast-paced world of vehicle repair. Thanks to Klarius’ comprehensive technical support, vehicle technicians can confidently tackle exhaust system and SCR-related issues.”

The new video looks at SCR systems and provides tips for dealing with common issues.

To view the new SCR video, visit: www.youtube.com/watch?v=exsbJr6arHw
For the wider library, go to: www.klarius.eu/support/resources/