18 Apr 2024

Lack of dealer data provides opportunities

According to research, most manufacturers only hold a small amount of data on vehicles aged over 3.4 years old, opening the door to the aftermarket industry according to the IAAF.

When the vehicle changes hands or moves out of the manufacturer warranty period, it often becomes, as main dealers term it, an orphan car. The IAAF believes that at this point, it represents a potential independent aftermarket customer.

Chris Green, sales and media director of Motoring, the website that conducted the research, commented, “Our study has shown that many cars disappear off the OEM and dealer radar once they get to three years and older.  We were very surprised by the massive shortfall in manufacturers’ data. This is not the problem of just one manufacturer – rather it is an industry-wide malaise.”

After three years, new vehicles are required to undertake an MOT while servicing is no longer important to keep a warranty up to date. The research suggests drivers are taking their vehicles to other garages, many of which are often more convenient, and cost-competitive compared to main dealer servicing.

Brian Spratt, IAAF chief executive says: “Mr Green’s comments highlight an immense opportunity for independent garages to advertise their services to the owners of these orphan vehicles. Motorists don’t find dealer servicing convenient and it’s often expensive, so independent garages should maximise their technical abilities, convenient location and reduced cost of ownership to attract more customers.”