25 Feb 2024

MAHA UK release new brochure

MAHA UK is very excited about its new brochure. The new 16-page publication covers the company’s brake and headlight testing offering, along with its workshop lift and chassis dynamometer ranges, and shows MAHA UK’s equipment in use in MOT bays and Authorised Testing Facilities

Commenting on the new brochure, MAHA UK Managing Director Neil Ebbs said: “It offers prospects and existing customers a condensed overview of our wide-ranging offering and the key pillars of our business.

“If we receive a new lead, for example, whether that’s at a trade event or over the phone, we now have a modern and up-to-date document that encapsulates how we can help and the tangible benefits that come from collaborating with us. It will also act as a supporting document for our staff when enquiries come in.”

To view or download the brochure, visit: www.flipbookpdf.net/web/site/51a71f94bd4d8addd6762fdb0cc3c81d4b3c2126202306.pdf.html#page/1