23 Jun 2024
The voice of the independent garage sector

Managers – who needs them?

I am sure that you will be familiar with this common scenario in business – an employee is very good at their job, so good in fact that they get a promoted to management level. ‘Congratulations’, but suddenly this employee finds themselves in charge of a team of people without the necessary experience or training in how to manage people. Not a good way to ensure that the manager and their team work efficiently!

Younger members of staff tend to be ambitious, often unrealistically, whilst older members of staff may wish to see their experience and commitment justifiably rewarded. This is all part of ‘earning their stripes’ and their fellow employees’ respect.

Get your people to flourish and your organisation will perform much better. A recent study has shown that when employees lack motivation or are unhappy in their work, they are only 40% productive, whereas employees who are more content can exceed 80% productivity. In other words, the least happy employees are working 2 days of their 5 day week.

Additionally, if your staff clearly understand the ambitions of the business and can see the importance of their role to help achieve these ambitions, it will help answer some of these critical elements, but it needs to go much further and deeper to understand each individual’s own personality and how to get the best from them. This is what is known as ’employee engagement’. If you do not get this right, staff will not stay and generally, the best staff will be the first to leave, creating a downward spiral of discontent that will only compound the problem.

Successful businesses are built from the bottom up, as well as from the top down. It is a team effort where the employees and managers must work towards the joint goals of the business, as well as those of the individual.