18 Apr 2024

Mechanic crashes £2.5m Ferrari

A mechanic crashed a £2.5m Ferrari Enzo into a roadside tree stump earlier this week, just over a mile from the dealership where it was being serviced.

The crash occurred in Baarn, near Amsterdam on Tuesday (18 January). The technician was taken to hospital for a check-up, but was uninjured in the incident. The car was wrecked however, with two wheels ripped off along with the suspension. Airbags were also deployed.

As reported by Mail.Online. An eyewitness to the crash said: “The local Ferrari dealer is about two kilometres away from the scene. It’s a customer-owned car. The weather conditions were damp and chilly, maybe three degrees in temperature. It hit a tree stump at the side of the road. It hit it on the passenger side and the stump was damaged. Not sure what happened, but I think he wanted to turn right back to the dealership.”

Ferrari built the Enzo between 2002 and 2004 and it was sold new for £450,000. A 2003 example was sold at Sotheby’s last August for $3,360,000 (£2,463,132).