23 Jun 2024
The voice of the independent garage sector

MOT ally

THE MOTOR Vehicles Repairers’ Association has thrown its weight behind the fight against 4-2-2 MOT proposals.

Moving to the 4-2-2 structure would almost certainly compromise the safety of the vehicle’s driver, any passengers, other motorists and pedestrians.

A vast majority of older vehicles are not serviced on a regular basis and the annual MOT inspection is the only regular safety check that is carried out.

Moving to a two-yearly MOT inspection will put older vehicles in a much more vulnerable position with mechanical defects potentially going unnoticed for an extra year – unless the failure of a critical component causes an accident.

The adoption of 4-2-2 would diminish the public’s confidence in the MOT scheme.

This change will also result in huge losses of skilled employees from the industry – the network of MOT garages will inevitably shrink and MOT testers will be made redundant.

The MOT scheme is the only strategy that is being used to keep defective and dangerous vehicles off the public highways (22% fail rate on 25 million MOT tests per annum); moving to 4-2-2 will increase this sector of vehicles.