05 Mar 2024


MOTUL recently released the new NGEN range of vehicle lubricants, which consists largely of regenerated oils such as NGEN 5 and NGEN 7 for motorbikes, or in the case of NGEN Hybrid for hybrid cars, contains a high proportion of raw materials from renewable resources. All MOTUL NGEN products use either regenerated raw materials in their formulation,, or oils from renewable biological sources. As well as reducing production-related CO2 emissions, this also uses less fossil raw materials. MOTUL NGEN HYBRID contains up to 25% oil from renewable raw materials. MOTUL NGEN HYBRID meetss the latest API SP and ILSAG GF-6 standards as well as JASO GLV-1. Packaging for MOTUL NGEN products is also designed to be sustainable, with bottles being 50% recycled plastics, and made to be 100% recyclable.