28 Feb 2024

New fines for speeders introduced

Motorists who commit serious speeding offences face much higher fines from today (24 April) following the introduction of new guidelines by the Sentencing Council.

Drivers caught at 51 mph in a 30 mph zone or 101mph on a motorway could face fines totalling 150% of their weekly income. Previously similar offences meant motorists could be fined 100% of their wages for a week.

This would apply to those who go at 41 mph or more in a 20mph zone, 51 mph or more in a 30mph area or over 101mph on a motorway. Sentence levels for less serious offences are not changing.

The maximum fine for speeding is £1000, unless it takes place on a motorway, in which case it is £2500.

This change to sentencing has taken place to properly take into account the increase in potential harm as speed increases.