13 Jul 2024
The voice of the independent garage sector

New marketing package for independents from BookMyGarage

BookMyGarage has launched a marketing package for independent garages.
The company’ new Accelerate programme provides garages with a priority position in BookMyGarage listings as well as brand advertising on search engines. It also includes a Facebook page, with three dedicated Facebook posts per week. 
Accelerate has also been set up so it will co-ordinate with the GMS system built into BookMyGarage, as well as other garage management diary systems. It also includes a booking tool and allows 25% more online reviews. Accelerate  has been developed from the company’s SecretService offering, which was launched for franchise workshops four years ago.  
Commenting on Accelerate, BookMyGarage Co-Founder Karen Rotberg said: “We are both proud and excited to launch Accelerate, our first new product release for independent garages in five years.”
For more information, visit: www.bookmygarage.com