18 Apr 2024

Nine million drivers don’t know when MOT is due

Nine million motorists may not know when their MOT is due, as a survey has suggested there may be widespread confusion on the topic among drivers as a result of the MOT Exemption.

According to the survey of 1,292 drivers by Total UK, 28% of all drivers, which would add up to nine million people, don’t know when they need to get their vehicle tested. The picture across the UK was mixed. According to the survey, just four out of 10 Bristol drivers were knew when their MOT is due, while in Newcastle nine out of ten drivers could pinpoint the date.

17% also said they had driven their car when they knew there was something wrong with it.

John Ryder, General Manager of Total Lubricants’ UK Blending Plant, said: “The past year has certainly been one of great uncertainty and it seems this has extended to people not knowing when their MOT is due. Since the beginning of the first lockdown, people have been driving a lot less due to increased home working and less commuting so their cars and maintenance requirements, including getting their MOT done, have not been front of mind.

“The confusion stems from the MOT Exemption scheme which was introduced in March last year. However, it is important that drivers do not miss their MOT to ensure their car insurance remains valid, that vehicles are roadworthy and meet the necessary standards.”

For more information, visit:  www.total.co.uk/news/9-million-drivers-dont-know-when-MOT-due