13 Jul 2024
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Nissens Pressure and temperature sensors

With decades of aftermarket expertise, Nissens Automotive (Nissens) has developed a comprehensive thermal management range that consists of engine cooling products, alongside its highly regarded air conditioning (AC) programme, all of which are manufactured to Nissens Genuine Quality standards, to provide independent workshops with premium grade replacement parts, which operate to the same performance levels as the original, giving them an aftermarket solution they can depend on.

Although small, sensors have a critical function as their signals ensure that the AC and engine cooling systems are working correctly, safeguarding the longevity of other components within the system. These recent additions, therefore, deliver excellent durability and working performance, as well as trouble-free fitment. Naturally, in common with other Nissens components, all the necessary installation parts whenever required by the original, for example, mounting clips and O-Rings, are included in the product box to provide a Nissens First Fit solution.

Two new product groups, encompassing almost 90 new part numbers

The European manufacturer of thermal management solutions has added two new product groups – AC pressure sensors and engine coolant and oil temperature sensors – as the number of sensors and electronically controlled components in modern cars continues to increase. The introductions reflect the company’s ongoing focus on vehicle electrification and follows its launch of high voltage AC compressors, E-actuated turbochargers, EGR valves, fans, fan clutches, blowers and electric water pumps, in its electrified parts portfolio.

The initial range of Nissens sensors consists of more than 40 pressure sensors for automotive climate systems and nearly 50 temperature sensors for engine cooling systems. The coverage reaches almost 60% of the European vehicle parc for both types, and the range will expand further in the coming months.

To learn more, visit www.nissens.com/showroom