16 Apr 2024

No, more Tiers! BookMyGarage launches  new listing system

BookMyGarage has launched a new programme that promotes garages with have the best customer service, feedback and reviews. Via the new Tier Programme, garages will be automatically promote as part of the recently launched Accelerate marketing package. BookMyGarage Chief Marketing Officer Jessica Potts said: “The reaction to the introduction of Accelerate has been excellent and its take-up has exceeded even our high expectations. The development of the Tier Programme was always part of the overall plan for what we see as a concerted initiative that takes the customer search for a local garage, to a whole new level – and indeed something that many garages have also been asking for.” The BookMyGarage Tier Programme has three levels: Silver, Gold and Top Tier, with each offering  physical and digital badges, enhanced visibility in the listings and, for those who reach the Top Tier, exclusivity as the only-such garage in their area, a status that comes with a seat on the newly formed BookMyGarage council. Garages who participate in Accelerate, to which the Tier Programme is directly linked, receive their own unique and dedicated proactive marketing programme as well. For more information, visit:  tools.bookmygarage.com