25 Feb 2024

Six of one? Schaeffler REPXPERT activities break own attendance record

Schaeffler’s REPXPERTs recently broke their own event attendance record for a single day, when on 22 June they managed to offer training and advice at five sites across the UK and Ireland, taking in Perth in Scotland, Sevenoaks in Kent and Fermoy in Ireland, while also being represented at a major charity event for the sector.

The team were on hand at the Dingbro show in Perth and a General Traffic event in Oldham. While this was going on Technical Manager and chief REPXPERT, Alistair Mason was performing training at Watts Auto Services in Barnsley.Meanwhile, double-clutchs system training was being performed at a MPD technical event in Sevenoaks. Lastly, across the Irish Sea, members of the team taking part in a MechanExpert roadshow tour at Fermoy in the Republic.

If that wasn’t enough Schaeffler for one day also found enough players to field a team in the IAAF Golf Day at The Belfry, held to raise money for BEN.

Schaeffler’s Matt Selby observed: “Schaeffler has a busy calendar this year, but I don’t think I can ever recall a day such as this. Our team always works hard to support customers and workshops, and although this day was exceptional, it demonstrates our focus, dedication and commitment to supporting the entire aftermarket. What a team we have at Schaeffler!”