13 Jul 2024
The voice of the independent garage sector

Survey: 50% of vehicles enter garages with discharged batteries

Up to 50% of vehicles are coming into garages with discharged batteries, research from CTEK has suggested.

According to the cross-European survey of 700 workshop employees carried out by the battery management specialist, between three and five out of 10 cars arrive at garages with a battery issue. Meanwhile, another recent study performed by a battery manufacturer suggested that over 85% of warranty claims stem from a lack of charge or poor maintenance by customers, leading to battery sulfation.

Things don’t always improve once a car is in the garage either, as CTEK Sales Manager Mark Poole noted: “During the servicing process, it has been observed that a vehicle’s battery can lose up to 10% of its charge whilst in the workshop. It is worth noting that battery charge levels can significantly decrease in just a few days of non-use, reaching dangerously low levels.

“CTEK’s PRO products are ideal for use in the professional workshop. They have a stable voltage, selectable voltage and protects against de-rating and are equipped with a fully automatic 8-step charging process that supports the workshop during service and diagnostics.”

CTEK has provided four top tips on this issue:
1. Test the battery and report condition to the customer
2. If carrying out diagnostic or reprogramming work – connect a battery support unit (BSU), such as the CTEK PRO120
3. Do not use a jump start pack for battery support work – always use a battery support unit
4. Connect a charger/power supply unit to the vehicle in order to minimise amount of error codes.

Mark added: “It is crucial to emphasise that most battery problems are not caused by faulty batteries themselves but rather stem from improper charging practices. These factors mean that it’s more important than ever before to deliver dedicated battery support to each and every vehicle entering the workshop, using a safe and stable power supply.”

For more information, visit: www.ctek.com