05 Mar 2024

The RMI Academy of Automotive Skills – 2022/23 MOT Annual Training Workbooks

With the 2022/2023 MOT Annual Training Deadline drawing near, the RMI Academy of Automotive Skills is reminding Testers that its Annual Training workbooks for Class 4 & 7 and Class 1 & 2 vehicles are available.
The DVSA’s mandatory 2022/23 MOT Annual Training deadline is fast approaching. With this year’s syllabus covering the entire MOT inspection manual and the assessment pass mark at 80%, testers need a plan in place to complete their training and assessment well in advance of the deadline.
Testers will be suspended if they have not fulfilled their requirements by 31 March 2023, and must complete next year’s Annual Training and pass and MOT demonstration test with the DVSA to get reapproved, which can take up to six weeks.
The RMI’s MOT Annual Training workbooks can be posted out to testers to complete in their own time. They contain self-learning material, sample assessment questions, a training log and declaration form as evidence that training has been completed, and personal login details to complete the online assessment. This package costs £45 + VAT, includes a workbook and access to the online assessment, and meets the Annual Training requirements set by the DVSA.
For more information, and to view other annual training packages, including e-learning, classroom and regional training sessions, and on-site training, visit: www.rmitrainingacademy.co.uk