21 Jun 2024
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Top Technician is back for 2021

2021 is already looking better than last year if you are a mechanic – Top Technician is back and looking to enable five more techs to join those already set for the semi-finals in September.

Due to COVID-19, Top Technician and Top Garage were on hold through most of 2020. Top Garage 2021 has already re-started online, with those not already through to the later rounds from last year given a fresh chance to take part.

Now Top Technician is doing the same. 10 semi-finalists are already in position, but if you are not one of these, a streamlined 2021 Top Tech is going to give five of you the chance to get yourselves in.

 From Saturday 30 January, you can simply go to www.aftermarketonline.net  and click on the “take the quiz” button. Then follow the instructions, using the Top Technician 2021 voucher code:  tt!21!rd1

In the first quick-fire round, you will face 30 questions that need to be completed within 15 minutes. Those with the best scores will make it through to a second, more in-depth online round, and from there the top five will be taken through to the live semi-final. 

Don’t worry about that yet though, just enter the quiz and have fun. Who knows, maybe you will be one of our new five!

In a year that has seen everyone restricted in what they do, we hope that the prospect of taking part in Top Technician during 2021 will really provide a boost to many mechanics who have simply spent much of the last year trying to keep up with overwhelming demand resulting from delayed servicing and the fall-out of the MOT exemption.

Top Technician means stretching yourself, pushing the boundaries of what you think you know. Often participants find they are better at their job than they thought. With lockdown still a part of our lives, it also gives you something to focus on and enjoy.

Enter now and good luck!

Top Technician and Top Garage are sponsored by Snap-on, Varta, TechMan and LKQ Euro Car Parts, and come to you in association with ABC Awards, ADS, the Garage Equipment Association (GEA), the Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation (IAAF) and the Independent Garage Association (IGA).