22 Jul 2024
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Tyre Defects

/>Trading standards found that 30% of part-worn tyres checked were found to have serious defects which could compromise the safety of a vehicle when fitted to a t

/>The finding is based on a survey of part-worn tyre suppliers conducted with the help of safety organisation TyreS

/>Tyres were found to have a variety of faults, including unsafe repairs and damage to bead areas that compromised a tyre’s ability to maintain pressure while on the

/>Other tyres had been run in a deflated condition, leading to structural damage not visible to the naked eye, said TyreS

/>Senior trading standards officer Francis Gibson said the findings showed serious problems existed in the systems used to sell part-worn tyres to the general pub

/>“If the problems found in Lincolnshire are typical of the standard of part worn tyres being sold throughout the UK then there is justifiable cause for concern,” he s

/>According to figures from the Department for Transport, more than a third of all road crashes resulting in injury are the result of under-inflated or defective ty