22 Jun 2024
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Air conditioning system support and advice from Nissens Automotive

The service and repair of air conditioning (AC) and climate control systems can sometimes be a challenge, which is why specialist aftermarket supplier Nissens is committed to not only supply the premium quality parts technicians need to fit, but the technical advice they need to fit them right, first time.

As more new energy vehicles (NEVs), which include hybrid and electric vehicles (EV), take to the roads, more will come into the workshop for routine climate system maintenance or repair, and many of these use a heat pump solution, which makes the AC system more complex.

If the system is not fully understood, the risk of components breaking down if a service or repair is not done properly, will be higher with a heat pump system because it is much more complicated. For example by the AC compressor failures, the cost could be much higher because the circulation of black oil, residue and general contamination, for example, impacts many more components than in a standard AC system.

Without understanding the basics of AC and the relationship between temperature and pressure, along with the more complex design, makes it very hard to carry out a proper service or repair. The impact on an EV, if the heat pump does not work, is massive because it is part of the thermal management system securing proper operation of power drive, electronics or for heating up and cooling down the battery pack, which must always be at the correct temperature. Without maintaining this temperature, the vehicle’s range will decrease and the battery will reduce its recharge capacity at a much higher pace.

Never stop learning

The objective of the technical support Nissens provides is to cover all aspects of the AC system and service tools, but also include components, chemicals, AC machines, etc, as well as to focus on the basic knowledge of troubleshooting, for example by temperature and pressure diagnostics, whether it’s a standard AC or heat pump system. So, it offers three different levels of training – Basic, Specialist and Expert, depending on whether it is strictly theoretical or also involves practical training.

Nissens also publishes a great deal of learning resources regarding NEV climate systems, including how to flush the heat pump loop or replace the HV AC compressor. It will continue with more NEV-related stories and e-learning all of which can be accessed, alongside many more technical articles, via its expert knowledge portal at: www.nissens.com/experts