21 Jun 2024
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Nissens air conditioning condensers

The air conditioning (AC) condenser is one of the most critical parts of the AC system as it secures the refrigerant’s proper operating parameters and keeps the air conditioning system working properly. So, condensers of the correct design and materials can help ensure the long term health and performance of the entire system.

Important to know

The condenser is relatively fragile, and its position at the front of the vehicle can expose it to harsh conditions and cause it to wear down over time. Condenser failures are common and can have various root causes, such as mechanical damage from careless service, insects or dust, and other debris from the road. De-icing salts used in the winter can quickly lead to corrosion, causing the condenser’s surface to deteriorate and leak. Furthermore, overly dirty surfaces can limit the condenser’s heat exchange performance.

The condenser’s impact on the system’s vitality should not be ignored. Even if the part seems to be in a good shape, tight, and is still partially working, a poor condition of the condenser can lead to severe, costly AC system failures. Damage to, or even complete seizure of, the AC compressor can occur consequently and quickly, for example.
That is why it is highly advisable to perform the condenser inspection during a regular car and AC system service. Any signs of damage or weakened performance should result in finding and eliminating the root cause and, whenever needed, in the part’s replacement.

After concluding the need for the condenser replacement, it is advisable to consider appropriate quality products only as this will secure long and optimal system performance and help to avoid return repairs.

Genuine Nissens Quality standard

Genuine Nissens Quality is a unique, advanced quality standard Nissens has established and applied in all processes: from product design and development to manufacturing and thorough test and validation, performed in the company’s test laboratories and at high-profile external institutes.

Learn how premium quality condensers from Nissens are a great replacement choice that enables technicians to perform first-class AC system repair with a part able to deliver optimal performance and extended durability.

To learn more, visit: nissens.com/climate