28 Feb 2024

Automotive recruitment firm offers video interviews and profiling

Recorded candidate interviews and candidate profiling are among the new services automotive aftermarket recruitment specialist Glen Callum Associates (GCA) has launched  to help garages and other businesses in the automotive sector  with their recruitment processes.

Glen Shepherd, GCA director, said: “GCA has led the way in aftermarket recruitment and for many years has supported clients with hosting online screen interviews. Working with the employer, the GCA team will tailor up to five key questions relevant to the role, company, industry and required experience, which will be reviewed alongside the candidate’s CV. This allows the employer to gain an initial impression of the candidate, viewing their response to specific questions.

“At final interview stage, GCA will offer a free professional psychometric profiling and testing service for up to two final interview stage candidates, an approach employed by nearly all Fortune 500 companies.”

Glen added: “As the longest-serving, dedicated automotive aftermarket recruiter in the UK, we recognise our responsibility to support clients up and down the supply chain with the most accurate recruitment process in a rapidly evolving market.”