25 Feb 2024

Blue year, new you? Call Ben

With Blue Monday back in the news, Ben, has unveiled new online support through its website to support people with a focus on ‘New Year, new me’, and is encouraging those who feel they are struggling to get in touch with the organisation to access its life coaches.

Rachel Clift, Health and Wellbeing Director at Ben, said: “Living a life that doesn’t fulfil you can be demoralising. It can cause resentment, affect mood and deplete energy levels when people feel that their life doesn’t have direction or purpose. Life Coaching is a brilliant way of tapping into your inner potential, giving you the tools and strategies that you need to become the version of yourself that you want to be.”

Anyone who works, or has worked, in the automotive industry can access Ben’s free Life Coaching service by calling the free helpline on 08081 311 333 and asking for ‘Life Coaching’ or by completing a short self-referral form: https://ben.org.uk/how-we-help/for-me/life-coaching/

For Ben’s ‘New Year, new me’ support, go to: https://ben.org.uk/how-we-help/for-me/articles/how-to-achieve-your-goals-this-year/