27 Feb 2024

BM Catalysts launches EU company

In a post-Brexit move, BM Catalysts has launched a dedicated European company, BM Catalysts EU Ltd, in order to service its European customers.

While BM Catalysts already has an established presence in Europe, the formation of BM Catalysts EU allows provides the businesses of the advantages of trading with European customers via an EU-based company.

Commenting on the move, BM Catalysts Commercial Director Mark Blinston said: “We are always looking at ways in which we can improve the experience for our partners, whether that’s increasing product availability, or streamlining certain processes. Providing the option for European partners to trade with BMC EU will make working with a UK supplier like ourselves much more efficient and a lot simpler, which is something we’ve been very passionate about facilitating.

Mark added: “With the demand for our products expected to rise over the next few years, it’s important that we make significant investments back into the business to ensure we can continue to deliver the same high levels of service and support that customers throughout Europe have come to expect from BM Catalysts.”