18 May 2024
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Brexit delays “short term” says BM Catalysts

BM Catalysts is looking to reassure its customers that any supply problems encountered as a result of Brexit will be “short term.”

According to Mark Blinston, BM Catalysts Commercial Director, the company can already see improvements in trade supply routes: “It’s been taking a little longer than usual for overseas customers to receive their orders as a result of changes to customs procedures and clearance, but we’re seeing this time shorten every day. From when the order is placed to the point of dispatch, lead times from our end remain the same and we’re fulfilling 100 percent of all orders thanks to our high availability of products.”

According to Mark, BM Catalysts has been working with logistics partners on new systems and additional paperwork for customs and border controls. Meanwhile, he also pointed out that Nearly all BM Catalysts catalogued part numbers meet the standard required to claim UK origin, meaning they are not subject to tariffs under the Free Trade Agreement between the UK and EU.

He added: “We’re confident in our process. It’s not the first time we’ve had to navigate through difficult times with changing legislation and we thrive in these situations, putting in place solutions to help ensure the best possible working partnerships for our customers.”

To access BM Catalysts’ dedicated Brexit portal, go to www.bmcatalysts.co.uk/brexit/