25 Feb 2024

EV ownership experience marred by infrastructure, survey suggests  

 The cost of  EV charging, access to public charging and functionality of the  apps required for charging are all negatively impacting the electric vehicle ownership experience,  a survey of MotorEasy members has found.

Over half were frustrated by wih battery range and one in four were concerned by the energy costs for recharging 73% were concerned by access to public charging, with 71% stumped by the reality of using these chargers. 65% found the apps needed for charging  a problem. A further 65% were worried about steep EV depreciation.

Commenting on the outcome of the survey, Duncan McClure Fisher, CEO of Intelligent Motoring, the parent company of MotorEasy, said: “Almost three-quarters of the EV drivers we surveyed have experienced difficulties with accessing and using the infrastructure. As a result, EV owners advised those considering the switch to prioritise the installation of a home charger to save both time and money. Experienced owners also suggest new buyers research energy providers and take advantage of night-time charging tariffs wherever possible, to make powering up even more cost-effective.”

Servicing and repair costs were causing issues for  22% of respondents, with 25% saying they found it difficult to find a  garage able to take on the work.

Duncan added: “With high voltage systems and advanced technology onboard, technicians working on EVs need to have the right training, which can mean EV owners may not be able to use their usual garage.”

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