25 Feb 2024

Highland Motor Parts gets on the Driversboard

Highland Motor Parts the largest independent motor factor in the Scottish Highlands, continue to credit MAM software’s business management system Autopart for helping the business develop.

MAM’s team recommended using the Driversboard vehicle load planning and delivery despatch module that runs with Autopart.

Highland Motor Parts M.D Donald McLellan: “We have taken Driversboard and loaded this onto a large screen in the warehouse, every member of staff can see this and know what is being despatched, to where and when.”

He added: “MAM Software have released ePOD, a proof of delivery app which works directly with Driversboard. I’m very interested in adding this into our system.”

MAM Automotive Software Sales Manager Ben Nicholls concluded: “The roadmap for Driversboard and ePOD is an exciting one and highlights how digitisation is at the forefront of success for businesses.”

For more information, visit: www.mamsoftware.com