15 Jun 2024
The voice of the independent garage sector

IGA-run body to provide SERMI access

The IGA is set to oversee a scheme that will enable garages and their staff that meet the requirements to access security-related repair and maintenance Information (SERMI) on the same basis that European garages gain access to SERMI in the European Union.

As IGA Chief Executive Stuart James explained, setting up the scheme, which the IGA will run on a not-for-profit basis, saw the organisation liaise with the UK government as well as vehicle manufacturers and aftermarket associations: “After many years of negotiations over access to security-related information, progress has finally been made. The IGA has broken through the barriers to secure access to the SERMI scheme in a post-Brexit Britain.”

The SERMI scheme becomes law across the EU on a rolling country-by-country basis from 1 October. The RMI’s ISO company, RMI Standards and Certification (RMISC) is set to open the scheme in the UK on the same day.

Once garage and its employees have been vetted by the scheme, they will be sanctioned to use all manufacturer technical information on security systems such as keys and ECU coding. Everything will go through a single central audit and certification process, with business and individual user identities kept private.

Stuart added: “For many years we have worked to make this solution become a reality. Being able to deliver this level of access on a not-for-profit basis is what a leading trade body should be doing on behalf of the sector it represents. By delivering the scheme at a price affordable to any garage business, we are safeguarding the future of the independent garage sector.

“For good, reputable garage businesses, a long-term solution to accessing vital security-related information is now here. We are inviting any garage interested in taking part in the scheme to get in touch with the IGA to register their interest.”

For more information, visit: https://independentgarageassociation.co.uk/trade-topics/sermi/