22 Jul 2024
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Nissens Automotive Heater and Cabin Blowers

Nissens Automotive is an established aftermarket replacement parts supplier with decades of thermal management experience, across both the vehicle’s engine cooling (E/C) and air conditioning (A/C) systems. Its comprehensive product range, all of which is manufactured to Genuine Nissens Quality standards, to provide independent workshops with premium grade replacement parts, which operate to the same performance levels as the original, gives them a premium quality aftermarket solution they can depend on.

Although often overlooked when servicing or repairing the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system, heaters and cabin blowers serve a crucial role, particularly for the comfort of the occupants. So, particularly before the winter season, it is advisable to include these two components during an annual check and, if either are in need of replacement, use only premium quality aftermarket products.

Genuine Nissens quality
All of the company’s products are designed and manufactured to Genuine Nissens Quality standards, which means they are engineered to deliver high performance and durability , as well as to fit perfectly when replacing the original part. In addition, the First-fit policy ensures hassle free installation as whenever they are required, additional components, such as nuts, bolts, clips etc, are supplied within the Nissens box.

Quality vs price
Although a cheap product might at first glance be appealing, for the reputation of the workshop and the satisfaction of the customer, quality must be the priority. A replacement heater from Nissens will ensure workshops avoid issues such as a poor quality finish, limited heat exchange capacity and leakages and in contrast to cheap blowers that can generate noise and interfere with a car’s electronics or radio, the company’s blowers are comprehensively tested for durability and operating efficiency.

A poor quality blower can quickly malfunction and provoke expensive A/C system failures, including compressor overload and breakdown, as no airflow through the evaporator means no, or limited, refrigerant state change, which leads to poor system performance and exposes the A/C compressor to fluid intake/overload.

In addition, as replacing the heater/blower often requires the dashboard to be removed, the work is time consuming and therefore, expensive, so changing the original part to a low quality version is a false economy.

The Nissens offering
The Nissens range is both comprehensive and competitive, providing great market coverage for all vehicle segments, and even includes 120 blower and heater models for new energy vehicle applications, making it the ideal solution for workshops.

The heater programme encompasses 353 items, caters for 1,000 OE part numbers and covers 80% of the car parc, whereas the 327 blowers cater for 1,100 OE part numbers and provide 70% coverage, which makes the Nissens offering the one-stop solution for essential E/C and A/C system components.

Nissens replacement parts are available wholesalers across the country, but to learn more, visit: www.nissens.com