18 Apr 2024

Snap-on Model T prize draw

Snap-on is reminding mechanics of the once-in-a-lifetime competition prize it is offering users of Snap-on Intelligent Diagnostics; A unique Snap-on Ford Model-T replica.

As part of the Snap-on Centennial celebrations in 2020, an original 1923 Ford Model-T was commissioned to be refurbished as a replica of the original Snap-on car, designed for Snap-on’s roaring 20s salesmen to transport and show the company’s tools. Now, you can win this car.
Every customer that buys a new Snap-on Intelligent Diagnostics platform on software subscription until 30 June is entered into a prize draw which will take place on 7 July. At this point, the name of one lucky customer will be drawn at random to win the Model-T.

A spokesman for Snap-on explained: “Snap-on founder Joseph Johnson, an engineer from Milwaukee, had an idea that would revolutionise repair and make work easier for professional mechanics across the world. Five unique handles and ten sockets that snapped on interchangeably, coined ‘Five do the work of Fifty’, launched a company that would shape an industry, starting in the early 20th century. To spread the word and showcase their revolutionary set of five handles and ten sockets, founder Johnson and co-worker William Seidemann commissioned the build of a unique Snap-on liveried, Model-T Ford.

“The Snap-on car was based on an original Ford Model-T chassis, the Model-T for was another revolutionary engineering icon and one of the most popular cars of its era. The original Snap-on car was built in 1920. Noticeable features include a custom body with built-in display cases and drawers lined with a 20” x 22” green billiard cloth, which would later be give the name of the “magic green cloth”. The car was also equipped with some other unique features including a generator and electric lights to illuminate the displays at night.The Snap-on Ford Model-T was designed to be a high-quality, and reliable vehicle that would transport salesman from town to town to demonstrate the quality and functionality of Snap-on tools to customers. The car was a symbol of Snap-on’s commitment to innovation and quality and helped to establish Snap-on as a leading brand in the automotive tool industry.”

The original Snap-on Model-T salesman car is now preserved, and is on display in the Snap-on Museum at the company’s H.Q in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

One lucky Snap-on customer will have the chance of owning a piece of Snap-on history.

For more information, visit: www.snapon.com/EN/UK/Diagnostics/OffNav/Diagnostics-Product-Enquiry