22 Jun 2024
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Starters and alternators suffering in the cold


Colder weather could finish off starters and alternators already under the strain of being part of Stop/Start systems, PartsInMotion.co.uk is reminding technicians.


PartsInMotion.co.uk Director Matt Gates observed: “As the temperatures drop, starter motors are put under more pressure to spark the vehicle to life. Modern vehicles with stop-start systems require stronger starter motors to cope with the demands of frequent engine on/off cycles in traffic. Combine with that the increased use of heaters, fans, and demisters, alternators are also being put under more and more strain. Technicians need to ensure they are replacing these parts with high quality brands to avoid further problems and higher costs down the line.”


Matt continued: “A worn alternator in winter can be identified with a high-pitched squealing noise from under the bonnet that begins to dissipate once the car has warmed up. A worn alternator belt will mean the car needs to run for longer to adequately charge the battery.”

He added: “Common signs of an issue with the starter motor are a clicking sound when the ignition is turned on, followed by the engine refusing to turn over and start.”


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